Hermes parcel service is the greater service in our company which specializes in personal shipments from the United States to Greece. Hermes has been a leader on the shipping market for over twenty years now proving high reliability and excellent quality services offered to our clients. Your automobile can be transported to Greece in one of the following methods:

  • 20 ft. sea container - Exclusive Use: This method of shipping is usually more costly than RO/RO service but offers greater security. Using this method, the automobile is loaded and secured inside in a steel container, loaded onto a container vessel and shipped to your destination.
  • 40 ft. Steel Container with Household Goods: The automobile is handled as above; however, a 40 ft. container is utilized. Household goods are packed and loaded into the container first. A wooden bulkhead is built to secure the household goods in place and finally, the automobile is loaded and secured before the departure.
  • RO/RO (Roll on-Roll off): In most cases this is the least expensive method of shipping automobiles but is not available to all destinations. Using this method, your automobile is transported to a RO-RO vessel (similar to a car ferry) and transported from port of departure to destination port.


Hermes offers ocean transportation for jet skis, boats and yachts to Greece. We service dealerships and private individuals. Your boat can be transported in one of the following methods:

  • Ro/Ro: This is the best alternative for boats on trailers or cradles that cannot be containerized. Height restrictions apply and depend on the final destination. Ro/Ro service is available to most destinations.
  • Containerized: This option offers the advantage of combining the boat with other cargo you might need to ship to the same destination. Boats that exceed the following dimensions, including the trailer/cradle, do not fit into a Container: 39’ (L) x 85” (W) x 95” (H).
  • Flat Rack: This is another possibility to ship your boat should none of the above services meet your special needs. If the boat is too high to be transported to the port by truck, we will make arrangements with you for a water delivery.