Commercial Cargo - Rest of Europe


  • Make sure that everything is tightly secured.
  • The following items should be removed or properly stored: Outside Electronics, Antennas, Flagstaffs, Propellers, Outriggers, Radar Transmitters, Hailers, Anchors.
  • Make sure you disconnect the batteries and tie off the cables to ensure no contact.
  • If it’s a wooden boat it could benefit from a treatment of linseed oil before you ship it.
  • Check your cradle or trailer to ensure that everything is properly tightened. If you need professional cradling or a trailer inform Hermes Intl Movers and we will do our best to connect you with the proper professionals.
  • Be exact in your dimensions. If you give us wrong dimensions, we give you wrong prices.
    • LENGTH: When measuring the length, please provide the maximum possible length. Include bow pulpits and swim platforms if any or even outboard motor brackets. If the boat sits on a trailer, then include the distance from the beginning of the trailer.
    • HEIGHT: The height is measured by taking the highest point in the boat and bottom of the keel. A lot of times roads have a maximum height of 13 feet and 6 inches or even lower. We need to know exact and true dimensions to avoid costly problems that might arise in the process.
    • BEAM: Measure the beam by the measuring your boat at the widest possible point including any attached accessories.
  • Relax, Hermes Intl Movers will take care of you.