Cradle Or Trailer


Hermes specializes in shipping boats and yachts to Greece. No matter the size or the type we will come up with a customized and formulated solution specifically for your needs and wants.

Shipping a boat is no simple matter, and a lot of intricate details can change the price or even the method of shipment in varying ways.

Here is a sample of the methods that we use to ship boats.

  1. Container.
  2. Flat Rack Container
  3. Open Top Container
  4. Lo/Lo

Please contact Hermes Intl Movers so we can discuss the specifics pertaining to your shipment and properly quote you for your boat. Please already have the exact dimensions of your boat or yacht handy as they will be required for any quote to be given. Also you would have to tell us whether the boat is on a cradle or trailer.