Unlike other shipping companies we provide you with our uniquely customized strengthened boxes. Hermes boxes are double wall designed to meet the extra weight required by personal effects shipments and provide that extra layer of security to your items.


Much like with everything else these boxes are provided to our clients free of charge for their benefit. Hermes Intl Movers is in a position to handle any box you decide to use, that being said for the safety of your own items we strongly recommend you use one of ours.

  1. Book Box: 13*13*18. Designed to withstand heavy weights like CD’s, Books, Tapes etc.
  2. Large Box: 24*18*18. Double wall enhanced, capable of handling clothing and mixed personal effect items
  3. Dish Pack Box: 18*24*24. Double Wall vertically enhanced with additional separators if needed. These are used for china/glasses and plates.
  4. Wardrobe Box: 20*20*54. Triple Wall Vertically enhanced with additional clothing bar if needed. These are used specifically for gowns, tuxedos and suits.
  5. Pallet Box: 40*48*48. Our largest box, and is not really a box at all! In special cases we coordinate with our clients and we bring a huge box, attached to a pallet. This box cannot enter the clients house and Is usually placed within the garage, where the client gets up to a week to load all his items in it and then we arrive to load it up on our truck.