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Hermes International Movers has multiple packing teams staffed with experienced and qualified team members to ensure the packing you receive is top notch. We provide all the materials that will be and we only use our unique customized enhanced packing materials and boxes for your items. Rates differ depending on the items you want to ship, and the other specifics involved so you would be best served by communicating by one of our staff members directly either by Phone: Toll Free or by Email : or by Live Chat.

Of course you are always welcome to do your own packing as well. Here is a comprehensive list of things to watch out for:

  1. Avoid packing boxes more than 50-70LBS each. Although you might think you are saving money by stuffing a box, you might reduce its strength and cause damage to your items. Also if you try to move it you might hurt yourself if it is too heavy.
  2. Gather together all your remote controls for your electronics that your moving in one box and label it. Do the same for wires or other small easy to lose items. This guarantees a LOT less frustration once you open your items.
  3. Avoid packing Checkbooks/Credit Cards and other important documents. You never know when you will need even something like a birth certificate. Take them with you in the airplane to be safe and sound. It would be wise to keep them in a lockbox.
  4. When you wrap items like dishes glasses and vases, we know its common to use newspaper, or at least it used to be when newspapers where common. Either way do not do that, use corrugated paper and bubble wrap. If you want advice on where to get some let us know we will point you to the right direction.
  5. Do not put loose items in a box, even if not fragile like silverware bundle them together and wrap them at least in corrugated paper.
  6. When a box will have fragile stuff, always line the bottom and the top with plenty of packing materials like bubble wrap or paper.
  7. When packing plates always ensure they are individually wrapped/packed and that they lay on their sides. NEVER lay plates flat on top of one another because then the bottom plate carrier the entire weight. PRO TIP: if your running low on packing material you can use Styrofoam plates on both sides of a plate and wrap those in paper. But only do this when you have to.
  8. Glasses should be individually packed and stood vertical, they can withstand a lot more weight when they are upright than if they are sideways.
  9. Dispose of all open bottles of liquids. They are a danger to all your other items.
  10. When you close the box make sure the top flaps close together and the side ones together, do not interlock them. Some people think this makes them stronger in truth it makes them weaker.

Most important of all make sure you do not hurt yourself!

If you follow the above steps you should be able to handle packing for most items. We strongly advise against self-packing high value items or specialty items like Artwork, Lamps, Electronics, professional equipment.

If you have such items please visit our Parcel Specialty Items Items page.