Boat Moves

Hermes offers ocean transportation for jet skis, boats and yachts to Greece and other international locations. We service dealerships as well as private individuals. Your boat can be transported by one of the following methods:

• Ro/Ro: This is the best alternative for boats on trailers or cradles that cannot be containerized. Height restrictions apply and depend on the final destination. Ro/Ro service is available to most destinations.

• Containerized: This option offers the advantage of combining the boat with other cargo you might need to ship to the same destination. Boats that exceed the following dimensions, including the trailer/cradle, do not fit into a Container: 39’ (L) x 90” (W) x 90” (H).

• Flat Rack: This is another possibility to ship your boat should none of the above services meet your needs. If the boat is too high to be transported to the port by truck, we will make arrangements with you for a water delivery.
Charges will be based on the size of the boat and which shipping method you choose.