Customs Procedures


As a Greek citizen living abroad and planning to return back to Greece

 permanently you have the right to get a certificate of repatriation from

the Greek Embassy.


A certificate will allow you to bring to Greece brand

new appliances and personal effects and even an auto at a reduced duty

or completely free of any duties.


These are the documents you will need to apply for a certificate:

  1. Income Tax Return or W2 Forms for the past two years.
  2. Property Tax Receipts or Home lease/rent lease for the past two years.
  3. Letter/Proof of Employment for the past two years.
  4. Rent payment receipts or bank checks issued for payment of rent for the past two years.
  5. Utility bills (e.g. gas, phone, electric, cable) for the past two years.
  6. All the passports (expired and valid) of all the family members resettling in Greece.
  7. Driving license, proof of insurance and vehicle registration (if an automobile or other vehicle is to be included)

Information take from WWW.MFA.GR

  • *The household goods need to have been purchased before you apply for the certificate of repatriation

  • *The client needs to be present in Athens during the time of custom clearance in case he is needed.

  • * Duties apply to the assessed Customs values as follows:

    1. Electrical items

    2. Electronic items

    3. Furniture

    4. Carpets

    5. Computers and fax machines

    6. Antiques (over 100 years)

  • **All info above is subject to change; Hermes makes no statement as to the current validity of information. For up to date information please contact your local consulate or the Greek Embassy in Washington DC.

  • **This does not apply if it is a diplomatic shipment. If you are a Greek Diplomat active with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, please contact Hermes directly to make necessary arrangements.