International relocations can be very stressful, however, Hermes makes this important day as easy and stress-free as possible by letting you leave all the worries to us.

If you are moving back to homeland, Hermes is here to help you through your moving process.

Hermes can handle Full Container Loads (FCL) as well as Less Container Load Shipments (LCL) originating from anywhere in the U.S. to Greece as well as roll-on roll-off service for automobiles and boats. For those who are really in a hurry Hermes can airfreight their shipment at the most competitive prices.

International moves are subject to more regulations than local or interstate moves and therefore require more planning. It is preferable to arrange the details of your international relocation in person, email or by telephone.

For any questions you may have regarding the preparation of your move, please call us at any time. Our goal is to always provide you with personalized service on your important moving day.

The points listed below are to help you get a better understanding of the shipping services and costs offered by Hermes. These services may or may not affect your above rate, but it is advisable for you to read them.


1. LCL means "less container load." It is where your freight will be loaded into a groupage container (sharing a container with other people's freight) and shipped out of a designated terminal.

2. Cargo Freight Station means the containers station. They are shipping terminals only, this is where freight is shipped out, and where freight is deconsolidated (unloaded) and/or released. They aren't origin warehouse, storage facilities or packaging stores.

3. Our origin warehouses can offer the shipper a wide variety of origin services such as pickup, loose packing with pickup, palletization and liftvanning/crating.

4. Palletization/liftvanning/crating are packing methods used to protect your goods from being damaged, destroyed, lost or stolen. We highly recommend these services for your freight.

A. Pallets are recommended when you are shipping boxes of personal effects only.

B. We recommend lift vans/crating when you are shipping household goods such as furniture and mattresses.

5. Gross vs. the Net: There is a slight expansion factor with these services usually 5% to 10% w/palletization and 10% to 20% with liftvanning/crating. This expansion factor is known as the gross while your loose packed goods is known as the net, you will be charged and billed by the gross. Eg. if you have 100cuft. of personal effects the gross after palletization will be 110cuft. and if you have 100cuft. of household goods in a lift van you will be looking at a gross of 120cuft.

6. Full Destination Service includes the following: all terminal handling charges, custom clearance [excluding duties and taxes if any], inland trucking to your door, at your door the unloading, unpacking and the discarding of all debris.

7. Duties: There are generally no duties on used personal effects that are older than 1 year. Specifically so for Greeks returning to Greece, and meet the requirements, for tax relief, they will have to contact the Greek Embassy or you local Consulate to get the ‚ÄúCertificate of Repatriation‚ÄĚ. For more information about the current regulations in Greece please contact our company either via our Toll Free #:877-889-7011 or email us at

8. Paperwork: We will need a detailed packing inventory list on what you are planning to ship overseas. This list will be used for Customs, insurance purposes and for Hermes records.

9. Insurance : With full origin service rendered the insurance premium will be 3.00% of the value insured. We use major insurance brokerage firms who specializes in marine cargo insurance. This type of insurance provides full coverage for your freight from origin to destination point. This type of policy is known as "All Risks Policy". The bottom line with this type of policy is that if something should happen to your freight, your claim will be processed and paid in full for the purchased amount within a reasonable period of time.