Useful Guidelines


If you are looking to send a car or a motorcycle or even an ATV to Greece, there is a one thing you need to decide before hand:

Are you going to be staying in Greece more or less than 6 months of the year?

If you are staying in Greece more than 6 months out of the year, then you will need to pass the car/motorcycle/street legal ATV through customs and proceed with getting Greek plates for it. This is an expensive and time consuming endeavor. Getting a certificate of repatriation will greatly reduce your expenses and your duties in this case.

If on the other hand you are not staying in Greece more than a total of 6 months out of one calendar year, then you can bring any vehicle with American plates and avoid most of the hassle. When you leave Greece you would have to keep it locked up in a garage and inform the local custom authority about its location. Nobody but you would be allowed to access/drive the car unless they were present at the time you brought it in the country and it got registered on their passport.

Any automobile shipped must have ΒΌ of its tank full at the time of delivery to our warehouse for safety reasons. **

Batteries by rule have to be disconnected when cars get shipped overseas. **